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The wedding cake topper is just as important as the icing on the cake. The topper gives the cake that special crowing touch that most often takes the cake over the top! There are a myriad of choices for your cake topper: many couples choose monograms, traditional figurines, hand molded toppers or even keepsakes from other family weddings. We are happy to assist you in choosing a topper or incorporating a topper you have already chosen into the design of your cake.


The wedding cake topper most often complements the wedding cake in design, material, and also in size. The top of the cake is where the topper usually sits, so the topper should be in proportion to the top tier

A wedding cake topper is not always necessary when your cake looks fantastic without it. In some cases, the design is elegant enough to go without it. In other instances alternative items are used for cake toppers: fresh flowers, sugar flowers (the benefit is that you can keep them as a keep sake item) and culinary items.

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