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the photo booth

In recent years weddings have incorporated the use of social media and several 'quick flick options' into their special day. In the early 2000's their was the disposable camera trend was all the rave. Nowadays click and shoot is a thing of the past. Within the past few years weddings have been a place where couples and their friends enjoy all the filters, airbrushing, and slimming effects of modern takes on old-school filmstrips.


In addition to the traditional photographer and videographer, this new trend of wedding "booths" are commonplace in many recent weddings. These booths can be curated and planned in collaboration with your cake and wedding style. We will provide your guests with a styled, professional portrait session that they can navigate on their own. We offer hashtag and up-loadable options as well as  instant printable options.  Your guests will also appreciate a favor they'll actually cherish, like a perfectly shot and edited photo of them with their friends, delivered to their inbox, printed in hand or home post-wedding.

Pricing begins at $450.00

Party Props
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