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cutting the cake

The ceremonial cake cutting process will vary depending on the venue in which you host your reception. Most often hotels and banquet halls include cake cutters with their packages. These are  usually individuals experienced in cutting the traditional wedding cake sized slices (which ensures that the guaranteed amount of slices are obtained).


Receptions without cake cutters can be slightly trickier. Scharolina’s will provide you with a cake cutting guide when we deliver your cake. For large cakes or cakes with a considerable amount of servings, we recommend ordering a cake with a few additional servings to ensure there is plenty of cake to go around! 

As an added service, we also offers cake cutting for an additional cost. 


Commonly, the bride will cut the first slice of cake from the bottom layer with a special cake knife. Then the bride and groom can feed this slice to each other. If the top tier is being saved, it is usually set aside and stored for safe keeping at this time. Once that is complete, the embellishments are removed from the rest of the wedding cake and the technique of cake cutting begins. Most often, the cake will be removed from sight to be sliced, plated and served.

Slice of Cake
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