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choosing your cake

This is YOUR cake, a reflection of you as a couple, and you can indeed have what you want! Here are a few things to consider:


When choosing a cake, think of the setting the cake will be placed in; the more formal the venue, the more formal the cake. Also, cakes displayed indoors may call for different embellishments versus a cake that will be placed outdoors which can be decorated with foliage and flowers for a delicate and graceful look.

You may also want to consider the proportions of the reception/venue room: a room with tall vaulted ceilings will most often call for tall vaulted cakes. Likewise, a towering wedding cake should not overpower an intimate reception site.


A good rule of thumb for cake colors is to try to coordinate with the most dominant color of the reception hall; many people ONLY consider the color of the bridal party. The cake should always be enhanced and complemented in the setting it is placed. Feel free to bring a swatch of your bridesmaid’s dress fabric, flowers and/or ribbon from your bouquet to our consultation and we will do our best to match it. If you cannot determine which colors you feel go best, choosing all- white or all-ivory are classic choices.


There is no general rule of thumb for shape. Most people choose a shape based solely on their budget (as specialty shapes tend to cost more). Some shape options include: round, square, oval, heart, octagon or a combination of shapes. The size of your cake will mostly be determined by the number of guests in attendance. At least one slice per guest will be a good measurement, however as Scharolina's cakes are a signature 7-layered cake, be sure to talk with us about the number of slices needed during your consultation.



When displaying your cake, we recommend placing it on a table large enough to show off the cake and also accommodate for floral or bling accents, decorations, plates and the traditional cake knife, cutlery and napkins and your traditional toasting glasses and bottle.


If you're having an outdoor wedding or a wedding in a hot or humid climate, stay away from whipped cream, meringue and certain buttercreams: They melt! Once we are aware of your location, etc., we will offer some summer icing options. 

Wedding Day
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