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dessert & candy tables

Though many people reference dessert tables a trend, they're not exactly new, and we doubt that they are going anywhere anytime soon.  Many people love the idea of a dessert table because of the universal appeal and photogenic nature. A dessert table at your wedding reception almost always offers the bride and groom the opportunity to indulge in 'their own' favorite sweet treats, not to mention the gorgeous and efficient wedding cake display it renders.  A dessert table offers the perfect excuse to add several more dessert options in addition to  your cake but most importantly its the one place that a bride can offer flexibility (to the often many suggestions and ideas received from friends and family).


Dessert tables offer the option of non traditional, traditional, kid friendly (candy tables), nostalgic or simply an opportunity to incorporate that grooms cake (without having to purchase a second serving for every guest). Dessert tables also double as wedding favors.  Whether you line your dessert table with five single tiered wedding cakes, mini pies, a DIY candy bar, a cookie, ice cream bar or a doughnut display, the possibilities are endless and completely up to you. Whether your wedding venue is a laid-back ranch or a luxe ballroom, there's always room for a designated sweets table. 

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