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One of the most anticipated pre-wedding events is the cake tasting (and who could disagree?). A whole afternoon of sampling and tasting all of your favorite cake and dessert combinations with the person (or people) you love the most.

But there are a few things you need to know about your wedding cake tasting before eating lots and lots of cake:

Most cake tastings offer cupcakes or individually sliced cake pieces and globs of buttercream and fillings. Fortunately, we do things a little differently. Cakes served separately (in 'traditional' cake tastings) do not taste like they would after sitting with other ingredients in a pre-made cake for 24-48 hours. Most wedding cakes are prepared 1-3 days prior to the wedding day (depending on size and complexity), and oftentimes a cake can taste different than it did at the 'tasting'. We want our clients to taste the cake the exact same way it will be offered on their 'big day."

For example, a cake with fresh fruit will soften (and possibly even add additional moisture to the cake layers after sitting 24 hours in the fridge... but it won't taste that way at a traditional tasting.

At Scharolina's we have created a 'new aged cake tasting tradition' that has offered nothing but memorable and positive feedback from our clients.  Scharolina's Cakes has created Single Serve Saturday for our soon-to-be couples.  At least twice per month, we offer single-serve cake slices (with a minimum of 10 flavors to choose from). Since we encourage our couples to book at least 3 months in advance, there is a minimum of 6 different opportunities to try our cake flavors (so tasting can be a one-time event or a weekly thing). Once a couple has tried 8 different slices, they will receive a complimentary 40-minute consultation to finalize their wedding cake design and complete their wedding cake contract.  We will also allow 2 custom flavor requests at no additional cost (if booking at least 3 months in advance... This allows the couple to create their own flavor profile for their custom cake request).  This 'new aged cake tasting' allows couples to discuss their desired flavors without being rushed, to share with friends and family in one of the most anticipated events of the pre-wedding festivities (without additional fees for additional people), and does not obligate couples to book their cake with us just to avoid losing their tasting fee. 

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