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cake servings

A typical wedding cake slice is 1 inch wide, 2 inches long, and 4 inches tall. All of our cakes are 6 layers of cake with 6 layers of buttercream (and oftentimes 5 layers of filling), making our wedding cake slices 1 inch wide, 2 inches long and 6-9 inches tall. With the enormous size of our cakes, many brides have opted to cut our slices in half to create two servings. This is an option for those that are concerned with cost. This in essence will discount your cost per serving by 50%.

During your wedding cake consultation, you will receive a wedding cake serving chart.  This chart will outline the 'traditional wedding cake size,' along with a few alternate serving options. 


When choosing your serving size, please consider your venue and cake cutter. Most hotels and event halls will include a cake cutter for your cake. If you are using a private caterer, please confirm that they are familiar with cutting the cake. Receptions without cake cutters can be slightly trickier. Scharolina’s will provide you with a cake-cutting guide (upon request). For cakes not being cut by an experienced wedding cake cutter, we recommend ordering a cake with a few additional servings to ensure there is plenty of cake to go around! 

*As an added service, we also offer cake cutting for an additional cost. 


Commonly, the bride will cut the first slice of cake from the bottom layer with a special cake knife. Then the bride and groom can feed this slice to each other. If the top tier is being saved, it is usually set aside and stored for safekeeping at this time. If you are intending to save your top tier, please consider that when choosing your cake size (so you are not short cake for your guests).

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